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Where Music & Innovation Meet

Dedicated to advancing artists' careers while upholding ethical standards. We are not just a record label; we are a tech enabled record company shaping the future of music.

Every beat is a step forward, and every innovation is a note in our progress.

Tech-Enabled Initiatives

Artist-Focused Tech

Prioritize Transparency & Communication

Artists gain access to essential information, communicate seamlessly with our team, and track their financial data effortlessly. Providing real-time insights into earnings and expenses, empowering artists to make informed decisions about their careers.


Prioritize Health & Creativity

On-demand mental & physical health resources because we believe in supporting artists holistically. It's about nurturing talent. Our Creative Resources Hub curates a wealth of tools, from sample libraries to educational content, to fuel artistic development and inspiration.

Virtual Collaboration

Prioritize Boundless Capacity through AI, AR & VR

Through AI, we offer support tailored to each artist's needs. Algorithms analyze career trajectories, recommend growth strategies, and facilitate collaborations to propel artists forward creatively and professionally.

Imagine collaborating with AI systems to push musical boundaries. AI Music Generation tools, empower artists to explore new sonic territories and enhance their creative process.

Geographical barriers dissolve with our Virtual Collaboration Tools, fostering a global community of artists. Whether you're a songwriter in LA or a producer in Tokyo, we enable seamless collaboration, maximizing creative flexibility

Step into the future with our Virtual Reality Experiences, immersing fans in the creative process like never before. And for interactive fan engagement, we leverage AR and gamification to deepen the connection between artists and their audience.

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